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I build digital products

I design logotypes & graphics


I have experience in many things

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A little about me

Maximilian is an experienced designer and developer - a versatile and customer-oriented engineer.

Maximilian has worked with interaction design, UI-UX, graphics and programming since graduating in 2006. He has developed solutions to interaction technical problems, constructed sketches, detailed design and implementations. Maximilian has been responsible for developing efficient user interfaces for various products and platforms and in a number of different industries.

Maximilian wants to work and develop as an engineer and designer in a creative and versatile environment where he can use his abilities, experiences and his mind for details. While he likes to work with the latest technologies and principles, he also wants to help improve existing technical solutions and of course realize new and interesting products.

Maximilian is very social, open and communicative. Likes to work in groups and also has a good ability to work individually. He is easy to express himself, both orally and in writing.

Has since the summer of 2016 lived in Chile and Bolivia with his wife and two daughters, 3 and 2 years. They met in Sweden in 2012 when she received her doctorate in economics. The family will move to Sweden soon.

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